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HOLY CRAP! Huffington Post is reporting on a supposed new trend in plastic surgery emerging in South Korea to give patients a perma-smile. The photo supplied of the new trend reaches uncanny valley levels of creepy. Here, have a look. [Edited to add additional photos.]


The procedure is referred to as a mouth corner lift. Dr. Kwon Taek Keun, head of the clinic pioneering the new surgery says, "Mouth corners lift up very naturally after surgery, and although mouth corners stay upturned on an impassive face, they lift up even more distinctively during a smile."

EDIT: Business Insider has posted additional photos of the procedure. Here's the before and after:

and a video from the clinic.

This image was lost some time after publication.

I wonder, though there aren't any facial muscles involved in keeping the perma-smile on, if there may be any psychological ramifications from it like those mentioned in Esther's article a few weeks ago.


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