A new Power Girl, Tanya Spears, is joining the Teen Titans and now I think I might have a new comic series to give a try! It looks so much better with no boob window but I just like the over all look. The outfit could use a little bit less of a painted on look around the torso area (how did it get in her belly button?). Sure the jacket seems kinda 90s, like Superboy's old look, but I think she pulls it off without coming off too "Radikewl!".

Of course the previous Power Girl is famous for her huuuggee assets but also for the boob window to show them off. Justified in comic at times as her not having yet found a symbol to put there like Superman's famous 'S'.

Now some may see that description of her and think, "A super genius, super rich, young crime fighter? Mary Sue much?" To that I just have one word: Batman

I hope she shows up in the new Teen Titans TV series or some other live action DC property!

Via Mary Sue