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New Promo for Person of Interest teases the coming AI war trilogy arc

Its been a thing for the past seasons of POI to have a trilogy of episodes change up the show around this time, last year was the end of HR storyline and the death of a main character. This year Samaritan goes on the offensive to try to smoke the Machine and the Gang out of hiding. Check out the promo.

Shit just got real. By the looks of it Samaritan takes control of New York and possibly crime? The description for the first part "The Cold War"

Samaritan shows its power by erasing crime from the city for a day in an attempt to force The Machine out of hiding.


Who is so important that causes a gun pointing train with Root, Martine, and Reese? And who is that kid at the end of that episode? Greer? I am so freaking excited, only shitty thing is the couple weeks break after the first part. Thoughts?

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