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An Adventure in Space and Time, Mark Gatiss' drama about the creation of Doctor Who, might just be one of the most anticipated aspects of the show's 50th Birthday bash. This batch of new publicity pictures from the BBC show just one reason why: the frighteningly accurate looks of the cast!

(Above: David Bradley and Claudia Grant as William Hartnell - The First Doctor - and Carole Ann Ford - his grandaughter, Susan)


Sasha Dhawan and Jessica Rayne as Waris Hussein, the director of Doctor Who's first serial, An Unearthly Child, and Verity Lambert, Doctor Who's first producer - and the only female producer until the show's revival in 2005.

Brian Cox as Sydney Newman, BBC Head of Drama and creator of Doctor Who.


Jemma Powell and Jaime Glover as Jaqueline Hill (Barbara) and William Russell (Ian).

And finally, one more shot of Bradley in character... twice-fold:


An Adventure in Space and Time is set to broadcast on BBC 2 and BBC America next month.

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