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New Streaming Option?

I just found out about STIRR last night, but it seems to be a decent free option for cord cutters to use. Some of the channels are over the air broadcast channels (Comet TV, Charge, Stadium), but they have some channels like ConTV, and Dove TV that usually require a monthly membership for free.

For sci-fi fans they have they have the previous mentioned Comet TV to go with Dust which is stream of short film movies that are also on YouTube. They also have the Futurism channel that reports on science and technology along with having Science Fiction shows.


One of the things that separate STIRR is that you can pick a local station and can watch local news and weather through the app or website, assuming you have a a local option, I had to pick a city from about 60 miles away.

The UI is pretty straight forward and works well. The only problem I’ve had has been browsing the channel guide on my Roku, it seemed to be confused by the commands from the remote and would at times think right was down and down was ok, which would lead to me picking the wrong option. Everything seemed to work fine using the IPad app and the website.

For free it’s definitely worth checking out, there’s an app for IOS, android, and Fire TV. You can check the 23 channels on the website here . I’ve been enjoying watching “Most Extreme Elimination Challenge” today on ConTV today.

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