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New Stumptown Trailer Gives Us the Maria Hill Show We Deserve

We haven’t heard much about the new adaptation of Greg Rucka and Michael Southworth’s Stumptown over on io9, perhaps because it’s more “detective noir” rather than “superhero/sci-fi/fantasy/whatever the hell Riverdale is,” but the first trailer dropped a few days ago and it looks amazing.

Stumptown is based on my third favorite Greg Rucka comic (it goes: Queen and Country, Lazarus, and then Stumptown) which is about Dexendrine “Dex” Parios, a private detective in Portland, Oregon, who gets mixed up with the mafia as she tries to find a missing person in order to wipe away her gambling debt. She doesn’t get along with the local PD, mainly because she slept with the police chief’s wife, but she is damn good at her job.


Yes, much like Queen and Country was a successor to The Sandbaggers, Stumptown draws a lot from The Rockford Files.

ABC has greenlit the show to series and it looks to premiere in the fall on Wednesday at 10pm.

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