In case anyone missed it, Marvel is going to be producing a New Warriors show on Freeform (AKA the former ABC Family). As part of the announcement they revealed that Squirrel Girl will be part of the cast but who else will be joining her? The New Warriors have had a large number of people on the team over the years and so I’ve made a list of each one and the likelihood of them being on the show. And so here we go:


Real Name: Robbie Baldwin

Powers: Forcefields

Robbie is a cheerful young man with the power to generate forcefields. He got his name by using his powers to bounce himself off of objects and was one of the founding members of the New Warriors.


Will He Appear?: Robbie’s been a near constant in the New Warriors line ups over the years and has a somewhat easy power to bring to life on TV. Plus he’s Squirrel Girls had a crush on him over the years and her inclusion on this show raises his chances even higher. (This is a teen demographic network, of course there’s going to be romance)

I give him 10 self harm spikes out of 10 for chances of appearing (He had a sad period we won’t talk about).


Night Thrasher


Real Name: Dwayne Michael Taylor

Powers: Sticks

A skateboard riding, totally radical dude. The founder and long time leader of the New Warriors.


Will He Appear?: As mentioned above he’s been a long time leader and founder of the group. Also his gimmick is wearing a Gimp suit while beating people with sticks so he’s pretty cheap to bring in.

I give him 4 Kickflips out of 5 for chances to appear.



Real Name: Angelica Jones

Powers: Microwave Radiation

One of the founding members of the group and orignally a Spider-Man cartoon character of all things. She’s also been a long time lover of fellow New Warrior Justice.


Will She Appear?: This ones kind of complicated, mostly because as far as I understand it Sony currently has the rights to the character. And while it’s true that Disney and Marvel are doing business at the moment I don’t know how far that extends

I give her 6 Spider-Men out of 10 for chances to appear.



Real Name: Vance Astrovik

Powers: Teleknesis, Flying

Another founding member of the group and as mentioned above, is involved with Firestar. Oh, and fun fact: His time displaced future counterpart is a founding member of both versions of the Guardians of the Galaxy.


Will He Appear?: Probably, his powers are easy to do and he’s a longtime member of the group. Even if Firestar doesn’t show up he’s probably a lock.

I give him 8 shitty costumes out of 10 for chances to appear (Serious I hope he has a better costume for TV)




Real Name: Elvin Daryl Haliday

Powers: Super, Strength Speed, Endurance, and Durability

A man with a fairly ironic super name (He actually a pretty chill dude), Elvin is actually a young teenager with the power to turn into an invincible adult (Think Luke Cage).


Will He Appear?: Probably, he’s another one with an easy to do power set. I don’t know if the age gimmick will survive intact but hey if it does it’ll be a meta nod to the fact that he’s probably being played by a 20 something who’s playing a teenager.

I give him 4 Lucha masks out of 5 for chances to appear.



Real Name: Namorita Prentiss

Powers: Can survive in water, Strength, Speed, Agility, Acid Touch.

The mutant clone daughter of Namora who is the cousin of Namor the Sub-Mariner and founding member of the New Warriors.


Will She Appear?: This is another complicated one, mostly because Universal Pictures owns the rights to Namor. I don’t know how they still have them after all this time and not doing anything with them but they do. I don’t know if Namorita is part of that package but if she is she’s probably out. If she isn’t she’s probably in.

I give her 10 shrugs out of 20 for chances to appear.



Real Name: Richard Rider

Powers: Strength, Speed, Flying

Marvels answer to the Green Lantern Corps. Nova’s been both a team player and a solo act for a very long time.


Will He Appear?: Another complicated one, mostly because Nova’s parent organization has already appeared as a nation in Guardians of the Galaxy with no hint at any superpowered members. Now it’s possible that that could change but I feel that if they ever do Nova that it’ll be in the films rather than on TV.

I give him 1 Green Lantern Ring out of 100 for chances to appear (On TV).



Real Name: Silhouette Chord

Powers: Sticks & Darkforce Manipulation

Night Thrashers sister (Sort of) and a paraplegic after being shot. She had Darkforce powers from some Cambodian Cult magic.


Will She Appear?: Hard to say, powerwise she’s similar to Night Thrasher (Her sticks are also for walking) but with some additional abilities. This one seems like a really hard maybe.

I give her 3 Dragon Breathes out of 10 for chances to appear.



Real Name: Chris Powell

Powers: Android body that Flies and shoots energy blasts

Chris Powell found and amulet that let him enter the mind of an android with super powers. he then used those powers to fight crime in his own series and with other teams.


Will He Appear?: Hard to say. His suit seems like it’d be expensive to wrok around and that’s probably a big negative for him.

I give him 5 robot bodies out of 20 for chances to appear.

In conclusion...

There are many more besides these ones but things start getting muddied and more confused past this point. But if you think someone I didn’t bring up will show up on the show share down in the comments and I’ll throw your assessment up here.


If you have thought about the ones I did mention, post those down below as well. Alright, that is all.