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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

New Who episode, non-spoiler thoughts

OK, here's my feelings about it, with NO spoilers!

1) I loved the pacing!

2) I loved the way in which the characters were brought into the story.

3) Wow, THAT was Diana Rigg? Awesome. granted, I will always remember her as this:

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...but still cool to see she has fire at this point in her career. :)

4) Jenny, Strax, Vastra. Especially JENNY! Finally, not the sidekick!

5) The story was good; the acting pretty good, for the most part. The daughter was 'meh' until the end, but I thought redeemed herself nicely.


6) I enjoyed it, though a lot of people are saying they didn't. I think it is because of how the story progressed and was presented (which I liked, as it broke from the norm) and not so much what the story was.

7) The very end of the episode annoyed me. When you see it, I think you'll agree (and also why the preview of next episode kind of annoys me too.


I think I covered all the bases without giving anything away that hasn't been shown int he preview clips from the past week.

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