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New X-Men Video: Did Magneto Kill JFK?

Remember when the First Class sequel was still in the early stages of being brainstormed, one of the writers talked about how they envisioned Magneto having something to do with the "magic bullet" that killed JFK? But then when Days of Future Past emerged as taking place in the 1970s and those who remembered that tidbit naturally assumed it was discarded as Singer took the reins and broke a new story for his own take on the sequel. Apparently, even though the new movie takes place in the 1970s, Days of Future Past will actually incorporate the JFK plot point into its historical canon. !!SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT!!

There's an intriguing faux expose on an imprisoned Magneto at the new Bent Bullet website: http://www.thebentbullet.com/#!/full-articl…


It reveals several of the plot points that occurred in the years following First Class, as well as how the movie will find Ian McKellen's modern day Magneto.

- 80 year-old Magneto is being held on consecutive life sentences for the assassination of JFK in a concrete/polymer super prison built by Trask Industries.

- Azazel and the storm-conjuring mutant that joined Magneto after Shaw's death have been killed by CIA operatives from a taskforce started by Kennedy to police mutant activity.

- Magneto overtly hints that it's Mystique who doubled as Oswald in the Book Depository to shoot JFK.


- Magneto was actually in the grassy knoll to prevent her killing Kennedy.

- Jack Ruby experienced lost time and was being mind-controlled when he killed the real Oswald.

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