Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

...yeah, this is news to me, which generally means I'm late to to the party. I didn't see it in today's Morning Spoilers so I'm ringing the alarm. I snagged a link from the awesome artist Brandon Bird's facebook page and I'll let it do the talking [Note: Bird's art was covered here on io9 a while back and actually help create a new wave of Pop Surrealism in Los Angeles, on the heels of the Lowbrow Movement of artists... his Mannerist style painting of 'The Death of Jennifer Sisko' is inspired and he has a crazy take on WolverTyrion.] Spoilers ahead.

In many ways, I can truly dig how the show jumps off the book's rails. Things are gonna get wild, as they do.

Illustration for article titled Next Seasons Game of Thrones Spoiler...

Yes, that's Jaime rocking some Dornish gear. Add Myrcella, and you do the math. Aerys Oakheart wasn't introduced in the show, if I recall.

Have fun everybody!

[a side promo-note: I wrote an article about comics and Motion Books a few weeks back that I am very proud of, despite it being a hefty read even after editing. If you're curious about the future of comics and visual narratives, give it a quick scan and let me know if you like it. I am jamming it into this post because I swear this spoiler post might get more traction than my original article. It seems meretricious but I want more eyes on my deal. Thanks for playing!]

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