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Nicholas Parsons has died, aged 96, following a brief illness. I’m guessing most ODeckers will know him as the doubting Reverend Wainwright in the Doctor Who serial, The Curse of Fenric, but Parsons had been on the stage since the Forties and enjoyed a surprisingly diverse career. From movies by The Boulting Brothers to Rocky Horror revivals, Carry On Regardless, Spy Story, The Comic Strip, Cluedo, and I believe Good Omens, he also cut a line as a straight man for the likes of Arthur Haynes and Benny Hill.

He was chairman of Radio 4's panel game Just A Minute from 1967 to, well, 2020, missing just a handful of episodes over the decades. Anglia Television’s game show Sale of the Century proved a massive success for Parsons, though he admitted he hoped he would be remembered for other things.


If you ever get the chance, check out his documentary on Marie Antoinette’s Watch.

Parsons was also the voice of Tex Tucker in Gerry Anderson’s not quite Supermarionation series Four Feather Falls.


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