Since he's still a detective and all, Nick keeps working police cases without his Grimm powers, and reluctantly continuing to rely on Trubel for help confirming if someone is a wessen (hint: so far, the answer is always yes). Recap with spoilers after the break.

First, we pick up where last week ended, with Trubel being taken by the wessen FBI agent (not the one she beheaded, a different one). They canvass bag her head and take her to some abandoned warehouse. Turns out she's part of some secret organization that could use a Grimm on their side, helping to take out the problem Wessen. Doesn't sound like the resistance and to me it sounds more like she might have also served the royal family, much like her decapitated former colleague. She tells Trubel to think about it and lets her run off, now fully aware of where they took her so I hope they don't plan to use that place again. Trubel doesn't mention any of this to Nick or Juliet when she gets back to the house.

Meanwhile, a guy at a boxing gym/stadium (whatever) is paying some guys with baseball bats to beat up one of the fighters. It turns out it's not to take him out of the game, but to enrage him so that he'll woge into a bull-looking creature who fights like a champ when riled up, and after beating up the hired goons, goes on to win the bout in under a minute. But one of the goons got a broken jaw and didn't feel the extra cash tossed at him covered the damages. So he calls to threaten the boxer's manager with blackmail and ends as Nick and Hank's homicide case the next morning.

They find out he used to be a boxer, go to the gym, and suspect (correctly) that maybe some of the fighters (and a lot of athletes in general) are wessen and use their powers to give them an edge. Especially after seeing the winner of the previous night's bout punching dents into a trash bin bare-knuckled. So, they call on Trubel to go under cover at the gym and see if the fighter, or his manager or trainer are wessen. This is something Nick doesn't want to do, but Hank is on board because she's a Grimm and that's their thing. Nick and Hank also talk to the fighter's mom, who mentions his father was out of the picture, making it seem like he might have been the wessen parent.


Trubel manages to bond a little with the wessen fighter, who doesn't seem to even like being a boxer, but then his manager interrupts, and puts her in the ring with another fighter, who also turns out to be wessen. Trubel averts her eyes so as not to be identified as a Grimm and fights dirty so as not to get killed in the ring, which ends up impressing the manager.


She then walks by her new boxer friend, his trainer and manager and sees that they're all wessen, and 2 of them look like bulls. So it's off to the trailer to identify them (sorry don't remember what they're called) and it turns out the bull-wessen are normally peaceful and uninterested in fighting unless provoked. And the show didn't miss the opportunity to make a Raging Bull joke. Which is why the guys with the baseball bats. The boxer feels guilty because he thinks he killed that guy instead of just breaking his jaw, and his trainer is supportive about getting him out of the next fight, so of course he ends up dead, with a sloppily written confession/suicide note that no one believes.


So it's back to the gym for more questioning, and Nick calls out the manager on being a wessen but when he woges but isn't seen for what he is, he isn't afraid of someone that's not a Grimm. Which leads to Trubel jumping in to help and another bull pun, with her riding him like a wessen mechanical bull (or real life bull) rider.


It turns out ripping out one of his horns breaks his neck, and Nick says he'll say he did it in self defense after the guy, who was a murder suspect, attacked two detectives. Unfortunately for the fighter, it turns out his mom is also a bull wessen and the knew everything that was going on, and even encouraged it. To get out of fighting again, the fighter breaks his own arm. A bit extreme if you ask me, but still effective.

After the fight, Nick realizes he can't go on knowing what he knows but no longer having his Grimm-vision. Which brings us to the B story. Juliet doesn't want Nick cured because this could be their chance at a normal life, and Nick isn't sure she's wrong. But Munroe and Rosalee talk with Hank and they all agree that 1) he can't just pretend he doesn't know what's out there just because he can't see it, and 2) it was a spell done by Adalind and they've all seen those can have unforeseen consequences, and in Hank's case experienced them personally. So they, and Bud who came by worried about the Grimm that showed up at the wedding, agree that it's important not just for Nick but for everyone in Portland if he's a Grimm again.


This leads Munroe and Rosalie to visit Captain Renard in the hospital where they meet his mom, who then offers to accompany them to visit the place where Adalind made her potion, and they share some entertainingly awkward moments with her, much like they did when they first met Nick's mom. She tries a taste of the crystalized potion, which makes her look like Juliet for a second and figures out what needs to be done.

She also wonders if Adalind was aware that the spell would link her and Nick. Which brings us to the C story (as far as I'm concerned anyway). After their switched sights, Nick is taken to the hospital by Juliet with help from Wu, who has to temporarily drop his questioning about Trubel. Nick gets checked out and his eyes are fine, but they do reveal that he has some extra ocular activity that seems to explain how he (and other Grimms) are able to see the wessen, and they mention this extra nerve (or whatever it was) seems to be inactive.


Speaking of the other end of those switched sights, Adalind gets help escaping the dungeon from the guy in the next cell who knows about a bunch of sliding doors activated by pressing certain stones in the wall. Which lends support to my theory that he's a royal himself of some sort (either a 3rd brother or even the former deposed king) . Either that or he's the guy who designed and oversaw the construction of the dungeon, so that he'd be aware of (or even responsible for) the secret passages. And now Adalind is on the run from the royals, again. But hopefully she realized she was seeing Nick's house, since she'd been there before, and will be just as interested in reversing the spell as everyone except Juliet.

I'm glad everyone is on board with wanting Nick to get his powers back, including Nick, we don't need a season of "do I really want them back?"

But the show isn't called "Nick the Grimm", so if he doesn't get them back, they could just make the show about Trubel.


Renard's mom is almost as fun as Nick's mom, and I hope one day we get to see the two of them team up and beat up everyone out to hurt their sons.

ETA (11/11/14): Renard has had a fling with Adalind and her mom (or so it was rumored), both blonde hexenbeasts. Now we find out is mom is a blonde hexenbeast. So I guess he's looking for a girl just like the girl who had a bastard child with dear old dad.

I appreciated the Raging Bull joke, but they missed an opportunity to have a tiger-wessen as another boxer, and then to have their eyes light up (to show that they woged but Nick can't tell).

If you watched the episode, what did you think?