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Night of the Explaining Astronomers: A PSA

As you may have heard, there is going to be a Supermoon Eclipse this Sunday. Which means one thing: astronomers having to explain what a supermoon really is. And, in this case, that a lunar eclipse doesn’t mean we’re all going to die, insert favorite lunar doomsday theory.

This can result in a lot of danger for the average human, as shown in Super Woo. It can lead to a cause known as... astrozombification. This years case of it will be the most severe that we have seen in a long time. Here is a case from 2012:


What will happen to our protagonists and to the poor overworked astronomers? See the rest of the adventure here!

And this year, if you see any astrozombies, just throw a high-res picture of Pluto* on the ground. That’ll distract them long enough that you can run away.

*And no, even Mika will not be safe to be around until after the Supermoon.

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