…as in today's episode: "The Visitor"


My God. Cecil's voice when swearing revenge against whoever harmed Koshekh. I've never wished that cat anything but the best, you know, the nicest spots to hover exactly 4 feet above the ground, the most well-behaved litters of adorable poison-spine-covered kittens. The best a cat like that could wish for, and I was terrified.

Cecil has brought us stories that make us fear for our lives, like the ones about Street Cleaning Day or the Summer Reading program, or stories that just remind us of how scared we should be on a day-to-day basis, like the CONDO rental or the war with the civilization who lives below the bowling alley. Sometimes he even brings us news that causes us to question our long-held beliefs, like when someone brings up the preposterous idea that mountains are things that exist.


But I have never been more chilled that when he leveled threats against who or whatever would dare send a Strexpet to harm Koshekh and our beloved subversive radio host.

And frankly, I want who- or whatever they are to suffer.