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Niner Gold Stars - August 13 WINNER

Gray - Your bribery may have helped. I admit nothing! ;)


I have returned, triumphant upon my throne!


I'll tell you all about my adventures tomorrow. Detroit was both not as depressing and even more depressing than I thought.

I'll go though today's comments but if a clever one happened yesterday, nominate it and I shall consider it.

I'm also doing it a bit earlier today since I am super-tired (from all the fun-having) and plan on going to bed early.


Let's dooooo ittttttttt:

Ooooo I want that little bugger, too:

Forget Vader, forget Palpatine. What we really need in Episode VII is Salacious Crumb. -Gray-Lensman


Give me the good comments, o my Deckers.

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