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Niner Gold Stars - August 14 WINNER

Robot Chicken Star Wars!


The schedule for Fan Expo has arrived, and I have to make decisions about what I want to go to. Because obviously, I'll have 3 hours where nothing strikes my fancy, and then the panels I want to see all happen at once. Grrrrrrr. Do I go to Steampunk 101 or Fun with Daleks? The Canadian Superhero Renaissance or a sketch duel between Tony Daniels and Ken Lashley? DC Comics Essentials or something called "In The Game of Boards-You Win or You Roll Again"?


And, of course, a Doctor Who Panel conflicts with my photo op with nathan Fillion and Gina Torres.


Let's just get to the comments before I have a tantrum.

I would totally watch this Star Wars movie:

Here's the pitch: It turns out that the janitor from all the Robot Chicken Star Wars specials is canon. He's been collecting all of the bodies (and hands) that have fallen down all the unprotected holes in the SW universe. The grisly details of his job have slowly driven him insane and he starts experimenting with Sith powers that he learned about on the internet. Dubbing himself Darth Sanitus, he resurrects the Emperor, the two pieces of Darth Maul, Mace Windu, and Luke's hand to be his personal army of vengeance. -Captain Max and Jinx


Frank, I demand context for this photo of badgers:

Don't mind us. Just digging up your graves...



I, uh, may have also gone there...

"Here's the ultimate science fiction size comparison chart"

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, not what I thought it was comparing ;) -DrillPress


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Also, quick poll: do you guys prefer the Gold Stars like this, where I gather a bunch at the end of the day, or would you prefer me to make a post at the beginning of the day so nominations can be added as they appear?

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