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Niner Gold Stars - August 16 WINNER

STICK IT TO THE MAN, Grenade Swamp!


This weekend I shall be going to, well, how do I describe the Canadian National Exhibition? I think it's like a state fair: cheap rides, completely over-the-top food, butter sculptures, and the occasional farm animal. I'm going for the corn dogs. I've told myself I can only eat them at fairs or else I would be dead by now.


Apropos of nothing, have a Jesus corn dog:

Anyhoodle, we had quite a few zingers today! But I wan't as impressed with the fireman's pole story. I was expecting better.




Cal is an intelligent and surprisingly emotional woodsman who lives off the grid and keeps to himself, who is an artist at his core, but has been burned before. The other newbie is Pastor Johanssen, a leader of a radical faith based on Prolethean sect, who is extremely anti-science. Expect to see both characters recur throughout the 10-episode second season.

I absolutely can not wait to see how Tatiana Maslany pulls off these two characters - Doctor Lizardo


"General, we need to get the 'item' out of Area 51" "I know exactly what to do, private."


Already having flown out the important stuff. -FrankN.Stein

The planet' back in your court, Asimov:

"four planets, plus debris.”

i can see this the other way around. if i define planet as "a hard surface i can land on, walk on, maneuver on"... then i say we have 4 planets and 4 big ass balls of gas. - jedi4life


You may be on to something, here:

I believe Mr. Ford has gone through the 5 stages of career grief. When he was interviewed early after SW & Indy, he was obviously deep in denial. Now in his legacy years, he's transitioning into acceptance (ala Shatner).- whalpy2


Doctor Potato head versus...

Is his oldest enemy the Masher? -Captain max and Jinx


No Esther-approved psychological warfare can defeat us!

"Now, please list two dozen instances or experiences where you would describe yourself as assertive."


*Scientists slowly stand up, take off their glasses, and begin applauding* -GrenadeSump


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