The Doctor Who Cycle is perfection.


It's Friday!! I shall be having a dance party later.

Although in tonight's production of WORK IT: A Dance Party the role of Pizza will be played by Chinese Food.


El Commentos:

Well, that pretty much nails it:

The New Doctor will be announced on Sunday at 2, followed quickly by an army of who-fans trashing and deriding him based on a single picture they have seen, as well as whatever small tv work the actor has done. This will then be immediately be followed by angry outrage because the new Doctor is not the black/white/ British/ Irish/ Welsh/ American/ Asian/ female/male/gay/straight/old/young/middle aged actor/actress they wanted in the part.

This will then be followed by an equal backlash against the backlash, where other whovians plead with the first group to at least give the new Doctor a chance before judging. This group will then be attacked by the first group.

This will be followed 1 year later by most people saying the new Doctor is great, like most of the other actors, although many will still maintain that a previous Doctor was better (that choice is usually an actor that the review previously trashed).

;-) Some might say all of this is terrible, but personally I love it on some level because at least fans of the show are passionate about it. - lazylaz


Future Batman? YES

Here you go. He's even got the gravelly voice. - Ghost in the Machine


Who's feelin' lucky, punk?