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Niner Gold Stars - August 20 WINNER

That blue moon post appeared to produce two moon-songs. I gotta hand it to gchristopher and his/her rendition of The RGB Corn Moon! Thanks for the nom, sephyclone!


Well it's Tuesday and I'm pooped. It probably didn't help that my sister worked late so I had the very, very energetic kids who I totally love and stuff but they can drive me bonkers! Let's have some fun comments.


PROGRAMMING NOTE: Niner Gold Stars are on hiatus until I come back from the Fan Expo. They will return on Monday.

This would freak the shit out of me, too:



I never get enough classic 50s and 60s music on io9:

All I know is that the Blue Moon saw me standing alone, without a dream in my heart and without a love of my own - DrillPress


Who who who?

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