Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

The people have spoken! Well, they clicked the recommend button a lot so it counts.


My mission was (mostly) successful! I got Vol 2 of Fables (finished on the ride home, natch), Locke and Key, Sandman, and Sweet Tooth. Jeff Lemire's Trillium cannot be found, so I got his Underwater Welder instead. Plus September's Vogue so I should be busy reading for quite a while. BONUS my new copy Atwood's Maddaddam just arrived in the mail!


The martini I had at my late lunch is probably helping with the good mood.

*Hic* Comments!

I love this whole dolphin exchange.


I... want this to happen, too, Drilly. Maybe I'll set something up on the ODeck? Perhaps over the weekend?

Just for fun, Google "sailor moon coloring pages," there are like millions of them.

Maybe io9 should have a Sailor Moon coloring contest? Please... - DrillPress


References to Greek Mythology are always appreciated, especially on crazy puzzles:

Sisyphus said he'd rather push the boulder. - ShadowStaarr


What do you all think?

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