You can take me where I cannot stand... but I don't care because of adorable Firefly cosplay! You can't take the sidewalk from me!

Also, none of you talked me down and now I just spent 90 bucks on Sephora. I HOPE YOU'RE ALL HAPPY.


Happy Simcoe Day!

I had a delightful day off today because of some dude named Simcoe. I think he founded this area or something. Why, yes, I did immediately stop learning about Canadian history after it stopped being legally mandated into the curriculum, how did you know??

"Fun" Fact: Ontario isn't in agreement on what to call this day: we Torontonians call it Simcoe Day, Sarnia calls it Alexander Mackenzie Day and Guelph calls it John Galt Day (*snort*).

Anyway, the important thing is that I got to sleep in and clean because

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Let's look at some comments, shall we?

So that kid in a stroller-Firefly was amazeballs, right?

You can't take the sidewalk from me. -scifichick16


Being attacked by fancy Japanese toilets?

Shit just got real. -99TelepodProblems


I'm curious, too...

A pre-pubescent girl robot? At what age do female robots tend to go through puberty? - Doctor Lizardo


Who do we like?

Also, if someone could talk me down from ordering ALL THE THINGS from Sephora right now that would be GREAT.