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Niner Gold Stars - August 8 WINNER

Blade Runner Retirement Castle FTW!


I'm going on vacation again!

My boyfriend and I shall be driving through Detroit tomorrow on our way to Sandusky, Ohio where we shall frolic among the roller coasters in Cedar Point. Then on the way back we shall drive through Cleveland and visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Woo!


Apparently there is something called 'The Gatekeeper' and it looks insane.

I'm going to ride this at least four times.

Yeah, this means the Gold Stars are on hiatus until Tuesday.

But don't despair! We still have today!

Blade Runner at the Springfield Retirement Castle:

Perhaps, but the idea of Blade Runner 2 after some 30 years is a bit irksome. What's it going to revolve around anyway? Decker's time in the Blade Runner Retirement home?

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Bad cooks making mush out of shoulder of pork. I watched the orderlies sort pills in the dark near the nurses' station. All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain... Time to die." -ManchuCandidate

Anyone have any other zingers? The nomination/voting period will be pretty long today since I'm stuck at work for the next forever hours. Tell me tell me!

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