5! Days! 'Til Christmas!

(By the way, that should be in the cadence of "No! Sleep! 'Til Brooklyn!")

Considering we have the weekend approaching, we shall have THREE songs today:

"Baby Please Come Home" U2

"O Holy Night" Celine Dion

"Christmas Eve/Sarajevo" Trans-Siberian Orchestra

I pretty much listen to the TSO Sarajevo song non-stop this time of year.


The secret to New Year's Resolutions:

Just make BAD new year's resolutions, those are easy to keep:

  • I'm going to drink more in 2014 than ever.
  • I'm going to try a new drug.
  • I'm going to continue defending Star Trek Into Darkness and Man of Steel.
  • I'm going to try and have my first heart attack. - John

Any others?