Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Happy Friday everyone!

I've decided to put up the nominees a bit earlier in the day so there will more discussion over who will deserve our love. Also, fighting for my entertainment:


Today's nominees are:

MasterChef_117 feels mushrooms are just peachy:

I for one welcome our mushroom future.

These fungii are great and solves overcrowding (they give us sooo mushroom!) and they solve world hunger (peckish? eat that dividing wall and open up that living, as well as satisfying your appetite!)... - MasterChef_117


We are reminded that Bitcoins are essentially a mass shared hallucination:

A few days ago, the federal Drug Enforcement Agency announced that it had seized 11.02 bitcons (~USD$814.22)

Wait (~USD$1,028.12), no (~USD$56.21), no (~USD$451.32), no (~USD$1.10), no... - DL Thurston


Look at your life, look at your choices, courtesy of the "How to Make Peoploe Feel Bad" article:

"A quick way to make people feel bad about their whole lives"

Have conversations on the Internet with random strangers - Corpore Metal


Always ask about your surgical robot credentials:

Six weeks ago I had my gall bladder removed. Before the surgery the surgeon asked if I had a preference, to have it done manually or by a robot. I asked if I could meet the robot first and have it demonstrate its adherence to the three laws before making a decision. The surgeon thought I was joking...I most certainly was not! - HighWiredSith


Puns are the purest form of humour when dealing with Space PayPal:

I hear their interest rates are going to be ... out of this world. *crickets* -BluTGI


This is all we want from Pixar Sequels:

When the only one we want is "The Incredibles 2" -Goldmars


So who will be the winner today? Any last-minute nominations? Who is willing to re-enact the Carthage battle for a shiny, shiny gold star?

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