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Niner Gold Stars - January 21

Guys, I accidentally commented on Kotaku.

I almost never go there but Jez crossposted the Sims patch article and I was on mobile and it was weeeeeeeeeeeird. Anyway, my comment's in the grey so I'm not that worried. Especially since it's all about my sociopathic Sims playing. I mean, I'm not cruel. I play Sims like a normal person.


Anyway, io9 comments!

This is the REAL Mothra, you guys!

And two delightful ways to interact with the underwater cemetery.


Happy Tuesday, everyone!

(I also just learned that RichardBurtonsCufflink's parents would like to give us money for the wedding. They totally thought they were going to be paying for half and that my mom would be paying the other half. Oh, how I chuckled. Anyway, they're giving us money so now I'm in a fantastic mood. THINKGEEK HERE I COME!)


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