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Niner Gold Stars - January 7

I really hope we're all warm.

It's so bitterly cold outside I whimpered every time I had to leave the warmth of indoors.


Let's enjoy some comments while I search for while I discover that amazon.ca has a vinyl section and guess who's buying some records! (Except they don't have what I want in stock. Boooooo. Anyone know a Canadian-friendly website for records?)

This. A million times this:


-Lord Rae


This explains so much:

What we're going to discover is that Stan is actually the Clara Oswald of the Marvel universe. He jumps into Agent Coulson's timestream to save him from the threat of the week, only to have his fragmented essence lead increasingly implausible lives dedicated to making quips at Marvel heroes throughout time.

Postman, doorman, Asgardian, barmaid... he is Stan Lee, the Impossible Girl. -gchristopher


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