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Niner Gold Stars - January 8

I hate telecommunications companies. Yet, I enjoy that the jerk on live-chat didn't give me what I wanted so I called CS and the nice guy on the phone did. Still, I'd appreciate not having to pay (what feels like) eleventy billion dollars just to text 99% of my day. Aw well.*


Hulk as a 70s cop procedural. I'd watch.


Actually, this one just wins.

Look at it!

Hulk need to get his finger on the pulse of the street. Hulk hear major drug shipment coming in from China. Hulk smash heroin!!!


"Damn it, Hulk! You're a loose cannon! Turn in your badge!"


"Hulk not sorry for doing right thing. You have Hulk's badge, but Hulk taking down Mendoza if it last thing Hulk do."


*I love my phone no matter how much I complain. It's so pretttttty.

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