So I'm doing the late shift at work today and tomorrow. let me tell what I'm NOT doing. I'm definitely NOT printing past outlines of courses on the work printer and perusing them and possibly looking up how much textbooks will cost me. Nope. Definitely not.

Anyway, let's have some comments!

(Anyone notice how we seem to have more content on the front page? Usually the day's stuff will all be on the first page, but lately I've been having to go to the 'more stories' button to get to the Morning Spoilers. I am torn on this. One hand: Yay! More things to read! Other hand: Now I have more articles to check comments on. I can be so lazy. On the third, mutant hand: Nothing. I just like mentioning my third hand.)

So, about Disney disavowing the Star Wars EU...

I can't wait to find out if Han shot first. - Classic example of our failed educational system


Any other fun comments I missed?