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So I know I'm waaaay late. I posted the nominees late because I took my niece to the library, and then let her demolish what little gems I had earned in Temple Run since the last time she used them all. Then as I waited for responses I started reading a new romance novel and it is amazing and you're going to read all about it tomorrow in my next Trashy Romance Novel segment. What I'm getting at here, is Chamomiles Davies won because I long for the super-power of temporary death. It would be damn convenient, let me tell you. Congrats!


So apparently on the main page is a wee little article that has the title of "Comment of the Day."


I'm not threatened. I am very comfortable in my comment-ity. THERE CAN BE TWO AWARDS. MINE ARE COOLER ANYWAY, BECAUSE I GIVE OUT CLIP-ART STARS.

With that out of the way, let's get on with today's nominees.

The perfect solution for boring conversations:

I don't know about the evolutionary advantage of death, but I do know it's gotten me out of a lot of boring conversations. -Chamomiles Davis


We wonder about the filming processes of water spouts and certain ScyFy movies:

Sharknado, is that you? -Robert Fuchs


Any write ins?

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