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Niner Gold Stars - July 12 WINNER

The story about pee, obviously.


Thank whichever deity you prefer BECAUSE IT'S FRIDAY!


That's all I've got. Anyone have any fun weekend plans? I'm going to Great Big Sea's concert on Saturday. I'm really excited, they've been on my list forever (CANADIANS UNDERSTAND). I think tonight I'm going have All The Cookies in my house. I know we've got Oreos and PC Decadents hiding somewhere. They will be mine. Oh yes, they will be mine.

Anyway, comments! God, there were so many articles today.

I love this story about pee:

About 30 years ago, my family discovered we had the genetic mutation that could yield porphyria. At the time, the only solid test for people not expressing obvious symptoms like my sister was looking for the presence of excess porphyrins in the urine.

When I visited my family doctor, he said I'd have to submit urine for testing and stepped out of the room. He returned with 4 - 1 gallon plastic containers and told me I was to use them for a week and return however many were used at the end of the week. No, I didn't have to FILL them all. (And keep them in lightproof paper bags - also supplied - of course.) Then he said it: "Urine trouble now!" -Benny Gesserit

Oh God I've never thought of the BatFamily this way:

Of course the most prized collection in his possession is his inventory of troubled young people.




Anyone other clever comments I'm missing? Let me know in the comments!

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