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Niner Gold Stars - July 2 WINNER

CONGRATS 99TELEPODPROBLEMS! Although I would greatly enjoy a Schrodinger sandwich that was both delicious and not-delicious at the same time, my desire to see a Einstein-Tesla shoot 'em up is greater. YAYYY!


What a glorious Canada Day Weekend!

I have returned from the delightful cottage weekend where I somehow survived this year's edition of 'Rocket Fuel': limeade concentrate, 190-proof Everclear that was specially purchased from America, a little water to deter blindness, and liquid nitrogen to turn everything into a smooth sorbet.

It was delicious and did not cause us to impale each other on swords. Always a bonus. :D


Anyway, on to today's nominees!

The plot to kill Einstein resulted in PURE COMEDIC GOLD:

Prepare to see a high concept Hollywood movie where Einstein has Tesla develop him an arsenal of kick ass weapons including a hand held death ray which he uses to fight off Hitler's elite squad of Nazi Ninja Assassins.

THIS SUMMER, E EQUALS MC DEAD. - 99TelepodProblems

Especially when we discovered the fine for such insolence was worth about a sandwich:

Waiter, I'll have a Fermi and a Schrodinger to go.

Don't cut the latter, please. There mayo may not be a cat in it - CitizenOfTheGalaxy


These pretty much shut the internet down. No point in reading any other comments. But who will reign supreme? Remember, there can be only one.


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