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Niner Gold Stars - July 29 WINNER

Turtle post >>> non-turtle post. You can't argue with logic!!



It's Crimson Typhoon versus Knifehead. Gipsy Danger is still sold out :(

Anyway, I promptly took them out of the packaging and had my niece and nephew find places to in the yard to put them:


The universe, man, is like, whoa...

I thought it was turtles all the way down...


Fun grammar lessons!

How funny. I've always considered "United States" to be a collective noun, like a "coven of witches" or "treasury of autographed David Tennant photographs."-DrillPress


I want to read this Dan Brown novel:

Aren't loads of records of the early church locked away in the Vatican, which could shed light on who-knows-what? Or is that just a "Da Vinci Code"-esque conspiracy theory. Or is the idea of it being a conspiracy theory what they want us to think. Or is that what they want us to think?
Personally I think Elton John has all the answers, and has hidden them in his lyrics as a complex code.- felneymlke


Who do we like? Where else should I pose my Jaegers and Kaiju?

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