Give me your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle. And your funny comments!

I just wanted to post some Terminator 2 GIFs before we get to the comments.

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OK, let's get back to the comments!

Yes, the diving pool is a lobster tank! How did you know?

I assume they allow you to select your own diver for dinner. - x84jdh


A new universal (Google-able) truth:

Google Doodles have become the cereal box toys of our time. - Sharontop


ASOIAF or The Simpsons?

There's not much humor in it really, so I can understand it being hard to get into. A lot of people have been in love with it since it first started decades ago, so there's a good bit of loyalty going on. As much as it has been dragged out, the loyalty thing is pretty important, I might add. But yes, I can see why you would say it was overrated, as many people as are fanatic about it as they are.

Oh, you meant A Song of Ice and Fire, didn't you? - Phaelin


So, who will be victorious over SkyNet? Who will be unceremoniously dumped into a big vat of molten metal?