DrillPress you secret Dr. House, you. :D


Let's try this again, shall we?

Yeah. I'm going to assume my power shall remain on this evening so I can do a proper Gold Stars Ceremony.

Who do have today, hmmm?

Hey scientists, where are the vaccines for these REAL diseases?

And I see the CDC conveniently left out Beiber Fever, Pac-Man Fever and Disco Fever. These three ailments alone are responsible for more death and destruction that the Bubonic Plague. -DrillPress


Esther totally knows that I talk a lot about murder (yes, I'll consider comments made by site staff):

If it does, please send us the transcripts of your trial. They'd be gold.

"I submit into evidence LizTaylorsEarrings' io9 comments 1-1000." - Esther Inglls-Arkell


Anyone I'm forgetting?

Also, if someone has any tips on how to get an under-one year old baby to EAT HIS DINNER, GOD, that would be much appreciated.