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Niner Gold Stars - November 21

I'm stuck doing the late shift at work so I don't actually have an excuse to do the NGS. It's not like I do that much anyway. Wait, I did a lot of filing and data entry today? Yes. Let's upkeep my value at work. I am totally worth continuing to pay.

Thank Deity I've decided to go back to school.

Let's do this.

(Are we enjoying my personal anecdotes? I've run out of nerd-ecdotes)

This... is probably true:

You know what's cooler than making a Billion dollars from tech?

Using tech to make a Trillion dollars by mining an asteroid. - Long Corps


The origin of the Springfield Tire Fire:

Reagan replaced them with a burning tire pile. - toothpetard

Go see this Thor Cat vs Loki Cat GIF thing, right now.


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