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Niner Gold Stars - November 7

What's Opera, Doc?

DrillPress' post on Nick Reboot sent me down a rabbit hole (pun intended?) of Looney Tunes. Which led me to... Looney Tunes Live! This came through town a couple of years ago and I cannot express the joy of watching these classic cartoons with a live orchestra.


So, you know,

Anyhoodle, comments!

New body part? Whut?

Everything is relative. It is a "new" discovery when compared to, say, fire. - Doctor Lizardo


I love when Americans learn the truth about Smarties and Rockets.


Also, I can't believe I missed the Margaret Atwood Q&A. Grrrrrr.

Is it sad I can't even imagine what this would be like? My brain shuts down so I don't get too excited and then sad:

deGrasse / Nye 2016

" Stop Electing Shitheads"- outpatient8


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