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Niner Gold Stars - November 8

I am full of delicious Canadian chicken.

Felt you ought to know, since I am slowly entering into a food coma and this post might (i.e. will) devolve into my fingers just mashing the keyboard until I feel enough letters have been put on the page. I want to play Sims, dammit.


(Sims Game Aside: They're releasing Sims 4 soon and I think his means I have to get a new computer. I don't know how I feel about that)


I always approve of classic Simpsons references:

If all these rumors are true, we may be looking at Man of Steel 2: Batman vs. Superman (and Nightwing and Wonder Woman).

- Deadpool

The president of Disney is sooooo totally Regina (shameless self-promotion):

Star Wars didn't hire Saoirse Ronan? Did they not see Hanna? DO THEY EVEN GO HERE??


- Me

I didn't actually get this but it appears a bunch of you did:

I made this comment on Gawker, but the i09 crowd will appreciate it more: They should have called it Saiyan so they could say it's gone Super Saiyan 5. - Dolemite


The GIF party on the main page got realllly intense, but it appears everyone hd a good time!


What did I tell you about Simpson references? Especially when dealing with mysterious Google barges?

Darn it,it would've been the perfect place to hold illegal monkey knife fights...


-Guilf Navigator

Right, so this from the GIF thread has taken over my brain and I can't stop watching it.


Right, so, uh, yeah... words and stuff. *Mesmerized*

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