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Niner Gold Stars - October 10 WINNER

Jayden with the zinger!

I'm stuck doing the late shift today and tomorrow. Booooo. But I do get to sleep in in the morning, which is nice, especially since I was up all last night watching Scandal. GUYS. SCANDAL. HOLY CRAP. It's normal to develop a crush on Joshua Malina, right? He's so adorable and smart.


Anyway, let's get into the comments before I fall even more in love with this cast (LADY REDHEAD KILLS ME as well as tough but broken ex-CIA guy)

Drilly and I feel the same way about Freddie Prinze Jr:

He's always been kinda cute, but DAY-UM!

When did he go silver fox? - DrillPress


The conversion rate for Martian dollars is really good right now:

I bet NASA wants that penny back now. - Jayden


Who did I miss?

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