Space Jammier. Because Space Jam. Also, why does Kinja hate us so much?

It's a long weekend for Canadians! Yessssss!

True Story: When I was a wee lass, I was reading some kids book and the protagonist was telling how after Thanksgiving, the family would pile into the car and go Christmas Tree shopping. "What the [children's expletive] is this? What about Halloween? There's like two and a half months from Thanksgiving until Christmas! What sort of magical tree nonsense is this?"

Eventually I learned that American Thanksgiving is at the end of November. However, I never forgot my outrage.



I often have to remind myself that M.B. Jordan is a different person, too:

I hope he gets the part in Star Wars 7: Space Jammier - Arch Duke Maxyenko, a Dyslexic


I might consider watching this version:

Get Vince Vaughn to play Thor, and you've got the cast to Midgard Crashers.- disposable002 *(Also, Drilly's "Tom Hiddleston = panty dropping" gets an honourable mention. 'Cause truth)


Now, I know there probably some excellent zingers in the Game of Thrones porn spoof article but I am work so... I am not going there. Despite the SFW tag.