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Niner Gold Stars - October 14 Nominations

You might be thinking, "Wait a second. This guy doesn't look, smell, sound, or act like Liz. What is going on?" And the answer is quite simple. Liz couldn't make it today, and she mistakenly accepted my offer to take over the role of star-hander-outer for the day.

Of course this presented a tiny problem as I am rather lax about actually reading comments to posts. I used to read many but now not so much. I'd go into a lengthy reasoning for why this is so, but to save time I'll just say "kinja." So I need nominations. Post here anything you saw you liked, and I'll pick the winner using a time-tested method of "whatever I want" and I'll award the star. Or I'll give it to myself as I have threatened in the past.

Remember - you could be the one who wins


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