Everyone who told us what sin tastes like.

Aaaaaaand I'm back, baby! UkeleleDan did an excellent job yesterday :D

This year I had Thanksgiving at my boyfriend's (Super English) grandparents two hours away while my family went to Niagara Falls and had steak and mini-putt and games. I had turkey and Doctor Who repeats.


His family is SUPER-NICE, though, I really need to emphasize that. And we watched some Doctor Who? No, snap out of it Liz, your family said they had an amazing time and it's okay that you weren't there. *SOB* HIS FAMILY IS NICE.


Let's get to the comments.

Everyone involved in this thread about what sins would taste like (Angel's wings, obv).


ShadowStaar, what are you up to?



Good news everyone!

Futurama is still cancelled.

Wait.. That's not good news at all! - James K Polk


I'm just, er, gonna pop this over here with the other villain suggestions...


have them played by Tom Hiddleston

- ME!


Who else??