Pitchblende! For giving me my own celestial mustache :)

Happy Monday, everyone!

I'm making reasonable progress on my Once Upon a Time viewing. Netflix only paused to ask me whether I was still alive only twice! Anyway, they just introduced Robin Hood. Yaaaaaaay! I lurves Robin Hood, so much so that I argue that Kevin Costner's Prince of Thieves is the best modern Robin Hood. COME AT ME BRO. His movie had Alan Rickman as Nottingham, your arguments are invalid, etc. etc.

And that Guy of Gisborne... and Christian Slater...

Right! Comments! That was a fun tangent.

I'm not entirely sure what happened here, but please check it out. It's a thing of beauty.


This interaction between Pitchblende and me is delightful. We always need more super-powered mustaches! Plus Pitchblende made me this:


Did I miss any fun ones? I had to stop looking after a while.

OH. Tomorrow's Gold Stars are cancelled as I shall be downtown frolicking with Chris Hadfield :)