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Niner Gold Stars - September 10

How are we this fine (blisteringly hot) Tuesday? Apparently summer hasn't quite given up the fight despite the fact that I am all ready for fall now. I am, as the young kids say, ready to 'work it.'


(Query: On George's article about the new Van Gogh painting, it appears all the comments have disappeared. I know I saw them earlier. Anyone else have this issue?)


Everyone needs to go watch this David Tennant/Catherine Tate sketch that I Love Big TDs reminded us of.

DrillPress, you write this romance novel about Thor and Loki right now:

Theirs was a Nordic love that was forbidden. One drawn to the light, one forever in the dark. Can the love of a hammer keep these two together or would the trials set forth by a demanding father tear them asunder? - DrillPress


Did I miss anyone?

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