All glory to...

Ron Miller and chocolate-based humour!


The Awesome Action Movies with Women Leads on the main page has got me thinking about La Femme Nikita, so here, have some delightful GIFs I found:


Plus, any excuse for Roy Dupuis:



OK I'll be good. Back to the comments.

Stop it Captain Max. Your movie idea powers are positively occult.

I hope Star Trek III finds the intrepid crew of the Enterprise battling Klingons over a super powerful terraforming device so they can grow humpback whales in order to satisfy an alien probe that will give them a map to the planet at the center of the galaxy where they hope to find God, the only being powerful enough to stop renegade Klingons from upsetting a peace treaty between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

Or a totally new story. I'd be cool with that, too.- Captain Max and Jinx


So that's how Hypnotoad came about...

Two weeks later they discovered that he had superpowers:




This is ridiculous. The Milky Way doesn't have peanuts. Snickers does. -Ron Miller


This new Sabrina is going to be edgy and gets biz-zay/

Riding her broom like a surfboard?! Whoa! This ain't your parent's teenage witch!-Yankton


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