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Hey Doc! Your cruelty has earned yourself another star!

You guys...


... Apparently I am now in some sort of Super Exclusive Level at Sephora. I won't tell you how much money that means I spent there, but it's a lot. On the brightside, look at the new pretty thing I own:

If Urban Decay came up to me and offered all their products in exchange for my soul I would do it. Because colours.




Let's get back to business. (Wait, did you all participate in Ria's Intro Post? That's one way to get to know us? Sort of? Seems like it turned into a deluge!)


See? She's a Strong Lady:

Even if Man of Steel 2: The Legend of Batman's Gold introduces Wonder Woman, David Goyer will write her as a bloodthirsty warrior who has to murder someone to learn a lesson that peace is a better answer. - Captain Max and Jinx


You're a bad man, Other Liz, a bad, bad man

A few years ago I was with my wife when she got her flu shot at CVS. Immediately after the shot I innocently asked "did you tell her about your egg allergy?" The pharmacist's head whipped around so fast she got whiplash.

This is why you should never marry a doctor. We find things like that funny.
Or at least why you should never marry me. I find these things very funny. - Dr Lizardo


I would also like to nominate Esther for tackling the important issue of lighting your own farts. Thank you, Esther.



I am sick of all these retcons and messing with canon. They are bastardizing my childhood! Leave the Periodic Table of Elements alone! - Irae Nicole


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