So we all know I do't work when I'm at work, so I'm here, trawling Gawker Network all day. I eventually go home and attempt to do some Gold Stars and what not.

BUT! This week is different. My to-do list has become waaaaay too long so I am going to try (TRY) to slog through some of it after work. My figurines are still dressed up from Christmas. I need to put them in a proper display! Plus, a billion other things.

What my incessant rambling means is that I shall not be on ODeck in the afternoons this week, and I won't be doing the Gold Stars. So, feel free to make your own Gold Stars this week! I enjoy the guest hosts!

And if you're still reading, I apologize in advance for all the complaining I am going to do about my wedding. The brunt will probably end up on Groupthink but some will inevitabley spill over here. But I'll show you the cool stuff (Portal Companion Cube Cake with Pacific Rim Bride and Groom toppers - yay or nay? Also, who is the bride/groom? We can't all be Gipsy Danger or Knifehead)