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NINERS! Need some music help here

I know, I'm posting a lot of music threads lately (and a lot of Highlander threads too, go figure!)

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However, I'm in need of musical help here. This Sunday I'm DJ-ing again for a geek-themed art event (same series that did a Doctor Who themed one last month, and Game of Thrones a few months before that).

(NOTE: I don't think that's one of the costumes above, but expect 'the sexy' to be brought. hee hee)

This one is called "Seize The Cape" and will feature models in superhero (or super VILLAIN) outfits.

So... I need some superhero music. I've got obvious ones: Batman themes (movies, TV, animated), theme from Greatest American Hero, etc.


I need some other suggestions though. I can mine animated TV show themes of course, but I know I'm not thinking far enough outside the Marvel/DC franchises.

So... HALLLLLLLP!!! What are your suggestions

And of course if you are in Philly this Sunday night, grab your sketching supplies and come on out! (@Eldritch, I'm looking at YOU!)


No worries about skill level: I got involved in this series by showing up to sketch originally, and I sketch slightly better than stick figures-level

(DISCLAIMER: These events are not money-making gigs for me: I make enough to cover the parking lot fee down the street. I'm friends with the woman who runs the gig, so I just come and help out as DJ)

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