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NinerWriMo 2016: How Did You Do?

I meant to post this yesterday but I worked from 8-4 yesterday so my bad!

(Yes, I used a wrestling gif. I felt like this guy when I finished my book. Don’t judge me.)


So my goal for NinerWriMo was to write a 50k book in a month (Technically, it was NaNoWriMo but still) and I succeeded!! There was a few days where I couldn’t write because I was so busy but I crossed the finish line with 50,073 words two days early. It was a real rollercoaster rise but I did and I totally cried when I did

So what was your writing goal for NinerWriMo and did you achieve it? Also, if you didn’t, it doesn’t matter because you at least tried and we salute you for that.

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