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Ninja Turtles Serves Up The Most Accurate Dinosaurs in Comics

Paleoart blog Love in the Time of Chasmosaurus has a good review of a recent Ninja Turtles comic book: TMNT: Turtles in Time #1. While the story is plenty of fun (aliens are playing Dino-Riders in the late Cretaceous, Turtles go back in time and beat them up), what really stands out is the incredible dinosaur art by Ross Campbell. Feathered theropods galore, including a very bird-like dromaeosaur and a big, fluffy, bearded tyrannosaur. Even the non-therapods get in on the feather/quill action, with bristly ceratopsians and hadrosaurs making appearances.


There's lots of different dinosaurs in this issue (and even a great pterosaur,) the dinosaurs all appear to be at least plausibly period- and geographically appropriate (it's all set in Late Cretaceous Mongolia) and everything is both fun-looking and totally in keeping with what we currently know about how dinosaurs looked and behaved.

This is a far better representation of dinosaurs than you'll get in any other 2014 comic, or in most other media (*cough* Jurassic World *cough*). Check it out.

Images taken from the post on Love in the Time of Chasmosaurus, which presumably took them straight from the comic book.

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