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Nintendo Crushes Gamers' Dreams

Don't get me wrong, I've been a Nintendo fanboy since the beginning, but MOTHER F%$*&#$!


For years I had to sit by and watch as Japanese Club Nintendo members got tons of cool swag, then it finally came stateside, then I watched as games slowly became available, or stood idly as the really desirable prizes got swooped up before I could apply for them. This year I let my points accrue and I bided my time. Sure, games that I kinda wanted came and left, but I kept telling myself, "No, wait for it. There will be something greater soon. This is your year." Heck, I was even gunna qualify for Platinum this year, and I almost never do unless a new system comes out.

Ten frickin' points away. Heck, if the post-play survey for Mario Galaxy 2 became available, I'd qualify as Platinum.

And now it's gone. Excuse me while I panic.


Because it's come up quite a bit: Yes, Club Nintendo exists now and will continue to exist through late summer. Yes, coins can still be earned through spring. Yes, rewards can still be ordered through early summer.


This post was merely my frustration at the fact that there will be fewer rewards than in previous years, that it is unlikely there will be any kind of significant reward for Gold or Platinum members (making that status less worthwhile), and that the service as a whole is going away.

It is likely to be replaced with something similar at some indeterminate point in the future, but as Club Nintendo accounts will be closed, the new service (whatever it may be) will not be enhanced or affected by existing membership.


For more info, read Nintendo's website, or the Kotaku article linked up top

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